Thursday, September 16, 2010

Architect is dead

In 2006 strangely deserted workplace, compared to previous years, the quantity and quality of your resume much better, very rare to find people over the three years of work experience, a not particularly stupid, is particularly strange. What is, who did nothing for good work ah! Simon is the general manager of a foreign enterprise software company, recently broken to this worry. One by one, the next project, staff more and more nervous. Although Simon is a fan of Extreme Programming, but also had to approve a further application for an overtime. HR managers to the issue comes down to price, he's wonderful on the "fear of unemployment is not on paying back the principal, not quit."

That day, K Allen, could not project leader, with a one year work experience lad to Simon interview, "very smart! Experience just does not."

Simon frowned and said: "You do not know the minimum requirements for this position is three years of work experience?"

Allen said: "It is already three months through technical examination of one of the best, and boss, try it." Allen is the buddy Simon for many years, more casual.

Arrived to face up, Simon had to let the young man brought in Allen.

Simon's interview is usually three steps:

Issue 1: Can you talk about the main job after graduation experience?

Question 2: to say that your position in the company?

Question three: What are your development goals? Other answers, such as architect, he followed Q: Imagine you as architect of the day, Tell me what?

The first guy to answer questions very quickly and very clear, of course, a year Nothing. Simon think that guy is very clever. So young man answered the second question, the question of a divergent question: "You said your company at a medium level, it worse than you why people worse than you do?"

This is a trap.

Boy abruptly replied: "I think they work for work every day work, work without a sense of responsibility."

Simon nodded and said: "Really? That really bad people. Then you just a little better than a bad employee?"

Boy's face turned red, "I did not mean ... ..."

"Well, you talk about why the better man than you stronger than you?"

"I think he is very hard work for many years and still learning all kinds of architecture, high level." Then Simon asked that last question. Sure enough, the young man answered is to be the architect. About 70% of people want to be the architect. But the architect what is it?

Simon asked: "Why did you do to become architect?"

Young man surprised a moment, so probably no one questioned him. "Old, old writing process, do not." The answer to Simon what he thought about the old definition: When do you want young people to do when you are young; If you want to do the elderly do things, you old. This is how long you were born is irrelevant.

Simon then asked: "Well, you talk about after you become the architect, what to do every day?"

Boy said: "I have not thought about, but I think it is mainly needs analysis, design architecture it ... ..." This is probably a common problem among the young, young people can easily pursue some of my goals is not clear.

Simon asked: "What are the specific design of the framework do?"

The young man replied: "For example, the framework of the selection process, decided to use Spring or Struts, etc.."

"Oh, then I ask you, how do you convince people it is Spring or Struts?"

"If I have experience, I will know which is better ... ..."

"Yeah, but the knowledge of Spring or Struts and anyone can easily get. If they do not agree with your proposal, how do you convince him? If you agree with your proposal, you have made but as awareness of others, recognition of what others do you? "

Young man never thought that day another architect's work to convince people, said: "I am architect, I should have the power to make decisions, right?"

Simon think of three levels of power, the first layer, appointments; second level, professional; the third layer in emotional management.

Simon asked: "If a mature software company is not what you think in the framework of masters? Or that the architect of this occupation have died or disappeared out?, How would you define your career?"

Young man looked shocked.

Simon drew a system architecture, and then gave young man saw a piece of code.

"Which is more difficult to understand?" Simon asked.

Boy pointing to the code, said: "code difficult to understand."

Simon explained that: "This is why the so-called architect actually does not exist. A simple thing more how it would be more valuable? Everyone can draw such a framework map, but not everyone can write a good code. "

Off the young man, Simon a little sick. He is a bit like the guy, but it is another to be stupid education and fraught with technical magazines pollution guys. Simon adds, in his own notebook words: Chinese programmer's understanding of the three most stupid: I want to be architect. The first two shocking:

After 35 years of age to write a fixed procedure;

I just do Java (C + +);

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