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Cheap Bargain Delphi is legendary

Cheap Bargain Delphi is legendary

In the field of development tools, Borland has been a strong challenger to Microsoft's dynasty. However, in May 2008, Borland company to 23 million U.S. dollars of the price will include Delphi, including the once brilliant in the IDE to create their own business sold to another company, this news is not even the U.S. mainstream IT media. Then, the acquired development tools Delphi and other well-known how the future will be? Will not be the same as the acquisition news in the disappearance from view?

A 23 million U.S. dollars in transactions

May 7, 2008, a message appears in the Borland Corporation's news website, Borland subsidiary CodeGear announced the sale of Embarcadero (Yi Bo Long) technology companies.

CodeGear was founded in November 14, 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Borland, is mainly responsible for Borland's integrated development environment for business.

Although a young company established only two years, but it's a product developer for most programs is legendary as the lofty status of these products including JBuilder, Java development tools, Delphi and C + + Builder, there are just R & D PHP and Ruby out of the IDE development tools.

However, these well-known development kit from will no longer belong to Borland, a legendary era ended.

Integrated Development Environment

Integrated development environment (IDE) software development environment for application programs, generally including the code editor, compiler, debugger, and graphical user interface tool, which is integrated coding function, analysis functions, compiler features, Debug features such as integrated development software suite. All have the features of the software or software package (s) can be called IDE. Such as Microsoft's Visual Studio family, Borland's C + + Builder, Delphi series.

In fact, two years ago, when Borland CodeGear company has not separated from the time, Borland CEO Tod Nielson IDE departments began planning to sell the grounds that the IDE sector suffered from Microsoft and free competition in open source products , particularly from the Eclipse Foundation's Java IDE, make Borland's IDE declining proportion of revenues unsustainable.

Borland then hope to sell IDE business will allow the company access to more resources, spend more time with the new favorites in the Borland Application Lifecycle Management ALM business.

At that time, such as Delphi and JBuilder still exudes its own light, although there are many buyers are all very interested in Borland's IDE business, but they raised the price can not be satisfied for Borland. So unsuccessful in finding buyers for half a year after after, Borland decided to separate out IDE sector, set up a special subsidiary named CodeGear.

In fact, the move itself is still a kind of act up for sale, as an independent company out of CodeGear, in addition to financial and Borland is still linked to, the other all the operations are completely separated with Borland. This means that regardless of any time, if there are other companies expressed intentions to buy, Borland can put the whole sale business clean and neatly.

And two years later, that had so many people learn programming Turb C, fascinated that so many programmers in Windows programming, Delphi, Borland Bargain eventually had. 23 million U.S. dollars to become the ultimate value of CodeGear - a price not even in the United States shot a second-rate movie, Borland, like throw a fire sale, like a hot potato once it lost the IDE to create a brilliant business.

Borland's missteps

Cheap Bargain IDE business, on the Borland company, it can be said is a great irony, it can be said is a failed strategy, let us look at how evolution has been brilliant for the now helpless.

80s of last century, Borland with Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, SideKick several products dominated the build tools and applications computer software market and amass huge capital, bursts of victory to become the mighty Borland management arrogance.

In 1991, Borland spend 400 million U.S. dollars acquisition was already rapid decline of the Ashton-Tate Corporation, even though Wall Street analysts believe that Ashton-Tate is not worth the price. Borland hopes to Ashton-Tate's dBase database of full occupation of the desktop PC market to competing with Bill Gates to become the dominant PC software industry.

However, Ashton-Tate by Borland acquisition, the nearly 10 years of glory also will fade away. Ashton-Tate had a good chance to become today's Oracle, continue to occupy the position of leading PC database market, but the emergence of Windows and FoxPro changed all that. At that time, there is no Windows version of dBase, the original DOS, dBase programmers need a dBase development tools under Windows, so when dBase format compatible with FoxPro For Windows launched, it immediately attracted a lot of the original dBase 鈪?/ dBase 鈪?Plus the use of persons.

But the good feeling of self Borland did not detect changes in the market until Microsoft released two versions of a row of FoxPro For Windows later, Borland dBase finally found the user is lost.

Although Windows was introduced under Borland dBase, but it is no longer able to change the market, and this time the development of the market has changed, PC database market has begun to age into a relational database, desktop database market has begun to gradually decline and signs of decline. Until March 12, 1999, Borland has been completely decline in the dBase only after spending hundreds of millions of dollars will be forced to deal to the dBase sold cheap.

Although Delphi and Borland JBuilder success helped restore some losses, but Microsoft. NET has disrupted the launch of Borland's position, it began as to whether to follow Microsoft's entry. NET new platform hesitant, because when you want to take advantage of Borland Linux's upsurge to change the direction to go cross-platform, rather than Windows platforms and has become a giant hard Microsoft competition.

With the software tends to decrease overall profits, Borland must find ways to maintain the company's growth, opening up new product lines. Since 2000, Borland Kylix product launched and expanded, into Linux programming market. However, with Linux from the explosive growth in 2000/2001 is gradually returning to normal after the development, Borland soon discovered that Java and Linux markets alone will not get enough of the profits.

All known information research's analysis. NET and Java together in the future will hold after a large market, Borland know that this is not lost. NET market. Thus, Borland hastily put. NET product development, but this time the world is already a party to the Microsoft hegemony, the failure of action for Borland bet too much resources for their own legendary buried end of the final fatal risks .

Looking back today, if not Borland committed too many errors and lost many valuable opportunities, or is likely to dominate the software market is another dominant, and Microsoft can compete with large companies and the status of the software firm. But so blindly arrogant Borland lost their precious opportunity.

Delphi could stage a comeback

The acquisition of CodeGear's easy to Barron technology company founded in 1993 and headquartered in San Francisco, is a professional enterprise-level database tools for the design, development, management database and the data of which the company, which currently more than 12,000 enterprise customers worldwide, in the "Fortune 100" also has more than 90 of its customers. The company's flagship database tools include ER / Studio, DBArtisan, Rapid SQL and Change Manager, on revenue of 60 million U.S. dollars.

The acquisition of the trade benefits of Barron's is self-evident, first of all CodeGear's development tool has a loyal developers and technical communities, especially those following the Delphi, JBuilder and C + + Builder for many years and a huge number of enthusiastic fans. Most of these developers are in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care and government-related development work in database. For easy to Barron, if able to successfully convert these developers to easily Barron's loyal customers, then for its database software sales, the benefits of nature is self-evident.

In addition, the application of different, diverse database platforms, many companies face increasing productivity and resources and more problems. But if the trade Barron CodeGear can successfully integrate all the products into their existing product line, then it can provide its customers an integrated portfolio to design, develop, manage and optimize heterogeneous applications and databases.

CodeGear's global marketing channels is also very sound, mergers and acquisitions to make their products easy to Barron rapid access to millions of software developers around the world, designers, independent software vendors and database professionals in sight. Analysts have predicted that if the merger a smooth digestion, then success will be an annual income of more than 100 million U.S. dollars, in more than 15 million users worldwide, with up to 10% annual profit growth of the world's largest platform-independent software vendors.

However, acquisition of capital behind promoter also deserve our attention, because Yi Barron's owner Thoma Cressey Bravo is a fairly well-known private equity investment company. The company in the "industry consolidation" or "development and acquisition," there is a wealth of practical experience, it is now through a series of private equity funds, management of nearly 20 billion dollars in equity capital. In the software industry, the company has completed 34 acquisitions, its total annual revenues more than 500 million U.S. dollars. The acquisition is the company's inspired completion.

Therefore, in this capital game, Delphi, JBuilder, etc. The software we know how the fate of the future is still unknown. After all, the interests and wealth is the result of investment companies are most concerned about, as technological development, for them, like any other instrument for wealth creation that he is no different.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 rap Tencent Tencent responded incredible pressure

November 25, for the recent development of the rainbow software related rumors,, said a statement sent to TechWeb, the Rainbow software is a legitimate belongs supporting instant messaging software, Tencent no right to arbitrarily Rainbow finds illegal software.

Statement, severely reprimanded by the media to demonize the Rainbow Tencent software behavior, "we dubbed this casual 'virus, illegal' acts of malicious suppressed indignation."

Tencent marketing response to these questions: 1, Tencent will make every effort to safeguard the privacy and information security, illegal plug; 2, actually have a legitimate plug-registered enterprises engaged in production, our belief.

In fact, the two companies on employee morale issues, "odds" of an upgrade.

Previously, Tencent issued a statement saying, "Rainbow QQ" is "illegal plug-QQ. The" Rainbow QQ "is backed with Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hong, head of the company is staff.

And even earlier, Tencent employee turnover on the part of the legal rights protection, and has had to respond tit for tat.

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Cottage version of "Panda" continue "incense posing Kingsoft Internet Security

Panda burning incense on the virus with the virus was frozen and gradually away from the people's perspective, the online panda code of widespread than Panda burning incense in the covert, anti-killing ability, ability to infect, spread and strong Trojan Downloader many more Panda Internet open burning incense code may be used as some assignments to write viruses. On this basis, there Nosey recently wrote a new variant, the use of poison Pa Panda cottage version of LOGO for the icon.
The following is a detailed analysis of the virus:

1, the virus information

Virus Name:

Virus body size: 74.0 KB (75,783 bytes)

Virus type: Panda burning incense varieties

Second, the virus acts

This is a variant of a panda burning incense, icons hegemony disguised as poison to confuse the user, it will download and execute other viruses.

1. The virus will delete the boot security software programs and services.

2. Every 1 second to add your own startup items, and documents show the registry keys hidden damage.

3. Every six seconds under each drive (A and B drive excluded), delete the autorun.inf where the file or folder, and create the autorun.inf and the corresponding. Exe file.

4. Every 6 seconds to stop part of the security software and services, remove the part of the security services and boot software since the launch of the project.

5. Every 10 seconds to close the following processes, and add the image taking, point ntsd-d

avp.exe rav.exe rsagent.exe ravmon.exe ravmond.exe
ravstub.exe ravtask.exe ccenter.exe 360tray.exe 360safe.exe
6. Every 30 minutes to download a Trojan

7. Virus infection extension exe, pif, com, src file, the file itself attached to the head, and the extension htm, html, asp, php, jsp, aspx files to add a URL, Once the user opens the file, IE will continue to write in the background Click the URL to increase traffic purposes. And the web of loopholes, the new variant of the virus will be downloaded and run.

Infection exclude the following files in the folder

WINDOW Winnt winrar system32 Documents and Settings System Volume Information Recycled
Windows NT WindowsUpdate Windows Media Player Outlook Express Internet Explorer NetMeeting
Common Files ComPlus Applications Messenger InstallShield Installation Information MSN
Microsoft Frontpage Movie Maker MSN Gamin Zone
NTDETECT.COM and rar suffix is not infected file.

Infection after infection in the directory created Desk_top_.ini file, the current system time within which to write.

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Architect is dead

In 2006 strangely deserted workplace, compared to previous years, the quantity and quality of your resume much better, very rare to find people over the three years of work experience, a not particularly stupid, is particularly strange. What is, who did nothing for good work ah! Simon is the general manager of a foreign enterprise software company, recently broken to this worry. One by one, the next project, staff more and more nervous. Although Simon is a fan of Extreme Programming, but also had to approve a further application for an overtime. HR managers to the issue comes down to price, he's wonderful on the "fear of unemployment is not on paying back the principal, not quit."

That day, K Allen, could not project leader, with a one year work experience lad to Simon interview, "very smart! Experience just does not."

Simon frowned and said: "You do not know the minimum requirements for this position is three years of work experience?"

Allen said: "It is already three months through technical examination of one of the best, and boss, try it." Allen is the buddy Simon for many years, more casual.

Arrived to face up, Simon had to let the young man brought in Allen.

Simon's interview is usually three steps:

Issue 1: Can you talk about the main job after graduation experience?

Question 2: to say that your position in the company?

Question three: What are your development goals? Other answers, such as architect, he followed Q: Imagine you as architect of the day, Tell me what?

The first guy to answer questions very quickly and very clear, of course, a year Nothing. Simon think that guy is very clever. So young man answered the second question, the question of a divergent question: "You said your company at a medium level, it worse than you why people worse than you do?"

This is a trap.

Boy abruptly replied: "I think they work for work every day work, work without a sense of responsibility."

Simon nodded and said: "Really? That really bad people. Then you just a little better than a bad employee?"

Boy's face turned red, "I did not mean ... ..."

"Well, you talk about why the better man than you stronger than you?"

"I think he is very hard work for many years and still learning all kinds of architecture, high level." Then Simon asked that last question. Sure enough, the young man answered is to be the architect. About 70% of people want to be the architect. But the architect what is it?

Simon asked: "Why did you do to become architect?"

Young man surprised a moment, so probably no one questioned him. "Old, old writing process, do not." The answer to Simon what he thought about the old definition: When do you want young people to do when you are young; If you want to do the elderly do things, you old. This is how long you were born is irrelevant.

Simon then asked: "Well, you talk about after you become the architect, what to do every day?"

Boy said: "I have not thought about, but I think it is mainly needs analysis, design architecture it ... ..." This is probably a common problem among the young, young people can easily pursue some of my goals is not clear.

Simon asked: "What are the specific design of the framework do?"

The young man replied: "For example, the framework of the selection process, decided to use Spring or Struts, etc.."

"Oh, then I ask you, how do you convince people it is Spring or Struts?"

"If I have experience, I will know which is better ... ..."

"Yeah, but the knowledge of Spring or Struts and anyone can easily get. If they do not agree with your proposal, how do you convince him? If you agree with your proposal, you have made but as awareness of others, recognition of what others do you? "

Young man never thought that day another architect's work to convince people, said: "I am architect, I should have the power to make decisions, right?"

Simon think of three levels of power, the first layer, appointments; second level, professional; the third layer in emotional management.

Simon asked: "If a mature software company is not what you think in the framework of masters? Or that the architect of this occupation have died or disappeared out?, How would you define your career?"

Young man looked shocked.

Simon drew a system architecture, and then gave young man saw a piece of code.

"Which is more difficult to understand?" Simon asked.

Boy pointing to the code, said: "code difficult to understand."

Simon explained that: "This is why the so-called architect actually does not exist. A simple thing more how it would be more valuable? Everyone can draw such a framework map, but not everyone can write a good code. "

Off the young man, Simon a little sick. He is a bit like the guy, but it is another to be stupid education and fraught with technical magazines pollution guys. Simon adds, in his own notebook words: Chinese programmer's understanding of the three most stupid: I want to be architect. The first two shocking:

After 35 years of age to write a fixed procedure;

I just do Java (C + +);

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Dealer how to effectively Distribution Issues?

Distribution in place can be said to fast moving consumer goods distributors every day to do a "routine operation." For dealers and manufacturers, a product from a commodity to the money order to this breathtaking jump, it must be through the channel Distribution Issues for implementation. So, dealers should do what you can do it cost effectively and Distribution Issues?

Distribution Issues a reasonable road map plan. Dealer Distribution Issues before the Planning Distribution Issues reason why a reasonable road map, aimed at nothing more than the following: 1 to Distribution Issues more economical. With Distribution Issues circuit diagram, you can make routing more reasonable, more scientific, more time and cost savings of Distribution Issues, which aim to lower the cost of Distribution Issues. Here you can apply two principles: first, the linear principle. That can be arranged in a line on, do not separate, fork Distribution Issues. This benefit is often a straight line ground floor and can go on step by step manner Distribution Issues. Second, the principle point. That can not be distributed in a line, on a certain area according to the amount of sales outlets, in line with the principle of nearby, similar to the network will gather or "circle" together for Distribution Issues. Such a point as the center of a circle to fit the radius of the Distribution Issues distance mode, can often save time and costs, which at every step, every step forward. 2, distribution will not "slip through the net." Design and planning of the Distribution Issues After the road map to all the sales outlets are able to fill up. In this case, distribution is not only clear, not easy to have missed the network, to avoid duplication or secondary road, "rework" phenomenon. Distribution Issues with reasonable road map, dealers can sell the whole planning region, which is not out of the house can still strategizing, distribution miles.

Do preparatory work before the Distribution Issues. Forewarned is forearmed, while not pre-waste. To ensure orderly distributors are the distribution and effective, it must be before the Distribution Issues, make full preparations. It includes the following aspects: 1, vehicle. Move troops and horses, car inspection first. Are the distribution of vehicles can be said that the first event, the distributor Distribution Issues before, we must make the vehicle inspection and maintenance of nuclear work, should the office of road maintenance fees, management fees and routine maintenance, maintenance of good in peacetime . If the process in Distribution Issues, vehicles checked, detained or damaged, "cramming", will be time-consuming, laborious and costly, and may thereby adversely affecting the Distribution Issues or sell aircraft. 2, distribution tool. Distribution Issues tool is handy to use when Distribution Issues to things like, "Distribution Issues Daily Report," "promotional items to fulfill the table", "customer order" and Distribution Issues associated with the bills, forms and so on. These things ready before the time in the Distribution Issues leisurely, methodical, bringing the day's Distribution Issues in a planned, systematic, and efficient. 3, promotional items. Distribution Issues that must help to bring promotional items or gifts. For example, distribution of promotional gifts with the product when the product promised to deliver prizes to downstream distributors. Distribution Issues for only well prepared in advance in order to go confidently Distribution Issues staff distribution in place and can lead to better performance and market performance.

Are the distribution standardization. Once out of work truck shop, often they are not in the dealer's attention, but must be controllable range. Therefore, the distributor to reach "people thousands of miles away, discernment everywhere," the effect, it must to Distribution Issues standardized, and standardization. It includes the following: 1, on the marketing staff to regulate the content of market Distribution Issues operations: for example: normal replenishment: point of sale orders to add, the main selling product recommendations; display improvements: wholesale and retail store shelf display boxes and stack adjustments; New Distribution Issues: New Products Recommendation; Promotion Executive: promotional policies advised; Customer Complaint: immediate disposal, handling objections on wholesale and retail shops; information gathering: the price of competing products corresponding to products, promotions and other information; form filling: fill in the form of work and promotion on the form. And, to quantify the content must be quantified and detailed, so inspectors. 2, distribution of the visit when the eight steps: first, into the store to prepare before: finishing garment appearance; check the shop posters, posters for shop updates, post; Second, a good opening into the shop; find the appropriate place and time conversations with customers; three rows side shelf inventory check: shelf stock inventory; warehouse stock inventory; Duitou or special display area inspection. 4, Tally: to display their products with more sales opportunities in the location: Check customer inventory, use the FIFO principle for inventory adjustments; record the number of spot goods, goods age; not on goods inventory order, packing. 5, sales replenishment: According to the inventory orders to customers with professional recommendations. 6, Promotional Items Distribution Issues: The company of this promotion, strategic product promotion (second taste, new), determine the order today; 7, objection handling: on the spot goods to the owner and providing warnings to customers within its area of disagreement then give customers a clear answer. 8, the Chief Operation: POP display, banner hanging; understanding of competitive products and promotional information records. Out the last farewell. Visited eight steps is to check whether the dealer's sales staff trained and Distribution Issues skills performance at the baseline, eight steps to visit the better marketers, often Distribution Issues effect is better. 3, to determine are the distribution cycle. Distribution Issues To continue to get good results, must be regular, regular, ongoing distribution in place must not be in fits, starts. For example, ABC classification of the downstream customers, according to key customers, key customers, the general classification of the customer to determine are the distribution cycle, for example, core customers, or tour a week to once Distribution Issues, focusing on customers first ten days or so Distribution Issues general customers around half of the first such Distribution Issues. Are the distribution standardization, process, standardization, Distribution Issues will work rules to follow, the "law" to follow, so as to achieve maximum effect Distribution Issues.

Attention to detail are the distribution. Details determine success or failure. In the Distribution Issues process, the details are equally important. Dealers in the Distribution Issues process, Distribution Issues requiring attention included the following details: 1, distribution of the wording. Note that if the standard procedure when Distribution Issues. Some marketers in the Distribution Issues often Taidalielie mouth is not sweet, are not good at calling people, and sometimes also greatly affected are the distribution of quality. 2, forgot to bring related items. Such as promotions, rebates promised to downstream customers, such as discounts or prizes. Distribution Issues when so flawed, often lead to resentment downstream distributors, and even there the phenomenon of customers and hence the discharge, so be sure to check out the door to see whether the band along all the items. If unexpectedly, a sincere apology to the clients to obtain the understanding and understanding. 3, marketers sloppy. The author visited the market, we often find that some marketers in the Distribution Issues often unkempt, dirty exception, met with the client side, even by her first name, or that one to the client store, sat down on stools, or free "collecting" customer melon seeds, sugar and other small food to eat, so that our customers though his mouth does not say, but the heart is extremely offensive and affect the good image of the dealer. 4, distribution is not timely, no rules. That is, paved the substandard, the next time often do not know of these years, almost no rules at all, until once again Distribution Issues, they find the last Distribution Issues already sold out a long time. This Distribution Issues manner, it is often difficult to lower customer confidence, so that customers can not easily purchase, it is difficult to establish a true partnership.

In short, dealers Distribution Issues is no small matter. As a distributor, to be truly effective distribution in place must be fully prepared to continue to regulate are the distribution process and content, attention to detail are the distribution day, dealers only from a grand vision and small start, distribution can be targeted to address a more, to really shop the low-cost products, to maximize the harvest of profits, continue to make their own growing ability Distribution Issues.

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e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 67

To financial data and the original bills of interrelated

Is there such a system can not only help companies manage financial data, and can turn to a variety of financial data associated with the management of the original notes. When the time to find these financial data, the system will automatically provide the original paper for inquiries.濡傛灉鎵惧埌涓?釜鍚堝悓鏂囨。鐨勬椂鍊欒兘鍚﹂┈涓婄煡閬撹繖涓悎鍚岀浉鍏崇殑鎵ц鎯呭喌濡備綍銆佸簲鏀跺簲浠樻儏鍐碉紵

閫氳繃e-cology鐨勭煡璇嗘枃妗g鐞嗘ā鍧楃鐞嗗悇绉嶇エ鎹拰鍚堝悓锛?br />


For example, when we receive customer telephone inquiries about invoice issue, we do not need to immediately go to the Finance Department, in the e-cology can immediately help you understand the situation of the relevant invoices, and entrance through the customer, the customer can even see to your invoice.

More importantly, all the e-cology and related saved file can be customers, suppliers, products, employees, financial transactions, inter-related projects and other instruments, so that we can therefore easily comprehensive understanding of Xin Xi.


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Hope 3GP Xvid Conversion

Hope 3GP Xvid Conversion is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to 3GP Xvid Conversion and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

Hope 3GP Xvid Conversion easy converts all popular video formats such as AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, RM, MPG, MOV, MPEG (and many more) videos into Mobile Phone 3GP format. Watch movies on the road. Support all mobile phones with 3GP video capability. The software is very easy to use. It compresses a full lengh movie into small size which can be fitted in a 128MB memory card. Carry your movie theater on the go! Watch movies anywhere, anytime - a new life style.

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